Nothing much~~Clothing issue~~

Another tiresome day, I don’t even want to write anything about it.

It’s too stress to write out how I felt~~ See, that’s why all the color and the font size of my

words here are type in no special color or style…all because I ‘m too tired to click buttons.

Well, today…let said for past 2o or 3 days I’ve been searching for clothes to wear, something that’s casual, but

not regular or ordinary as everyone else. I don’t like to run with the current trendy~~

I mean, sometimes I would wear something that’s about  5 or 6 years old…..

It’s amazing that they fit me~~cuz, back then..I just hit my puberty and I was always chubby, however …that explain why i could fit in those after I sweat my toes off to shed the pounds~~


Just be good to myself and I will feel good….

Of course, to mention again, I still love KangTa every much~~


Just realizing I can no longer type a long article, I don’t bother to check the spelling and the Grammar of this blog

entry…So guys who read this have to figure what was I talking about when they see something that’s incorrectly used.


Anyways, I think all of people are smart enough to figure this out~~ However…I have to sleep now~~~


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