Nice ~~ feels better

I have my Permit yesterday~
what a hassle since the last failing on my Learner’s Permit.
Since the last exam, I have no nerve to go back. Until recently school has started the
Driver’s assimulator. I planned to take my exam last week, but I don’t have time(Ivy went to NY, so is my uncle)>
So, that was push back til Yesterday.
I didn’t know that DMV close at 12PM, I thought it close at 5PM as usual.
I got there at 11:57AM, 3minutes before they are closing.
Still, after I got my paper and forms; without realizing the representives at the desk are upon leaving.
My mother reminded me, so I went up there and they ask me if I had taken a test before. I replied yes and after about 10minutes of typing my info. in the computer, they had asked me to took into the thingy, to test my vision. I just need a new glasses, the one I had on right now it’s 2 years old. It’s getting blurry. So, asides that~ I was only ready to take the written test, not the computer one, because I’ll fail~ computer version only allow 5skips on questions; and they grade the exam as we go. Scarry~~~ HOwever, if I don’t take the computer version, they’ll probably ask me to come back again.. I’m not coming back~ it’s too much~….
So i agree to take the computer one, all because I was late~~….
I Passed, with one question missed, because of careless,…I knew that one….
Not so important anyways, ~~
PS: couple days ago, Chiu visited my house with her boyfriend (TA-WEN)……

One thought on “Nice ~~ feels better

  1. 恭喜死丫头 拿了杀人执照啊!!:)哈哈! 还有你在我的SPACE上面写的什么啊?! 我怎么看不懂呢!??!?!?!? 郁闷ing!

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