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"The Korean pop star and actor Rain is looking to make a name for himself in the United States."

The New York Times, one of the most prestigious newspapers in the United States, carried a two-page story in its Jan. 29 issue featuring Rain (23, real name: Jung Ji-hoon), who is preparing for upcoming concerts in New York, as well as on the hallyu (Korean Wave) boom.

Rain will give solo concerts at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, New York on Feb. 2 and 3–a first for an Asian entertainer.

Taking up the entire culture-leisure section and another page, the NYT’s story focused on Rain’s popularity in Asia and his being the top hallyu star. The NYT said, "Last year, Rain sold out arenas across China and Japan, performing to more than 40,000 in Beijing and 20,000 in the Budokan in Tokyo." The newspaper showed interest in whether he can make a name for himself in the United States as well. The NYT added, "He wants nothing less than to break down barriers, build cultural bridges and become the first Asian pop star to succeed in America."
[报纸介绍关于休闲文化就写了一整页和另外一页,NYT(纽约时间)写的内容是焦点在Rain处于亚洲的高人气和知名度的韩流星。NYT(纽约时间-是报纸,写了这么多次大家都知道了吧?)-说“去年,Rain的演唱会在中国和日本买出了,平均是4万(应该是票数,没有说清楚)在北京,2万在Budokan 东京,日本” 新闻对于他是否能在美国打出名堂感到兴趣。 此外,NYT强调:他(Rain)希望要最少要把文化差异的墙给拿下,能在此创造新的文化之桥还有希望成为第一位在美国成功的亚洲流行之星。]

The NYT also praised him, saying, "He is a huge star in the making, but, at the same time, he is a very indigenous artist and a source of local pride." In a recent phone interview from Seoul with the NYT, Rain said, "The United States is the dominant music market. I would really like to see an Asian make it there. I would like that Asian to be me." To attain this goal, Rain is currently receiving English language lessons. In the interview, Rain said he was planning to release an album in English sometime in October after learning the language to a greater extent.
[NYT表扬他(Rain)-说-他是个大明星的原料,而且同时他也是与生俱来(该土地来的意思)的韩国骄傲(local-本地的意思,不过在这里是指韩国)。 最近,NYT通过电话访问在首尔的Rain, Rain他表示“美国是音乐市场的最高地。 我很想在那里看到有个成功的亚洲人,我希望那个人就是我。”为了达到这个目标,Rain现在正在上英语课。 在访问中,Rain说他计划在10月份左右发英文专辑,在他练习英文一段时间后。”

The NYT said that Rain, who has achieved high popularity in China and Japan, is now targeting the American market. It added, "America is taking a growing interest in Asian popular culture, from Pokemon to Bollywood."

The American newspaper also introduced a personal story about Rain, who grew up in poverty. According to the newspaper, Rain’s family was living in a one-room house in Seoul when singer/composer Park Jin-young and Rain first met. By the time he presented himself for an audition at Park’s performing arts academy, Rain was in a state of desperation and his mother was quite ill. As soon as Park signed Rain, he asked the impresario to help his mother. But his mother reportedly said, "Please spend the money set aside for me on my son." She passed away a year before he debuted. Such a heart-rending background served as the prime motivation for his growth, said the NYT. In the interview, Park chimed in, "That’s why Rain neither entertains himself nor drinks, but only practices several hours every day."

[美国报纸还介绍了Rain小时候的故事,从小生活在贫穷家庭。根据报道,Rain和制作人Park Jin-yong见面时,他们一家是住在单房的房子。 在Park的艺术学院试音的时候,Rain正是出于绝望难受之时,而他妈妈当时就病得不轻了。在Rain被签约Park后,他马上就叫他的经纪人帮助她妈妈,不过她妈妈说“请你把准备花在我身上的钱给我儿子。”她在Rain还没有出道前就出世了。据NYT表示,这感人伤心的过去也是令Rain成长的基本的动机。 访问中,Park(经纪人)也同声道到说“这也是为什么Rain他不玩乐也不喝酒,就有每天不停的练习数个小时以上。]

The NYT also gave a detailed account of how Asian pop culture is establishing itself in the United States quickly. According to the newspaper, boys and girls of Asian descent are emerging as the main consumer group of hallyu products. The Internet has allowed them to access music and performances from anywhere around the world. This has attributed to Asian-Americans’ enthusiasm about Asian pop stars. The NYT added, "Most of the 10,000 people coming, however, will need no introduction." The organizers of the upcoming concerts said, "We estimate that more than half of those who have bought tickets are Chinese-Americans, and many Japanese-Americans have also bought tickets."
[NYT也详细得解释了亚洲流行文化在美国迅速的建立中。 根据报纸报道,亚洲新一代男女都是主要购买韩流产品的主要人物。 网络也可以让这些消费者从世界各地搜索他们所喜爱的音乐和表演-更是带动了亚美人(在美国出生的亚洲人)对亚洲明星的热情。NYT还加了“1万人要来中大部分不用介绍(指的是对Rain的介绍)”演唱会的组织单位提出“我们猜测一半以上买演唱会票的都会是中美,还多数日美 美国人。]

However, 60 percent of those who watch Asian channels of "ImaginAsian Entertainment," an Asian TV network in the United States, are not of Asian ethnicity. At the East 59th Street movie theater in Manhattan, which shows only Asian films, 70 percent of the audience is non-Asian. Thanks to "cultural globalization," non-Asian-Americans are discovering the easily-accessible Asian pop culture, too. This is why Rain’s concert schedule was extended by one more day. "We originally planned to hold only one concert on Feb. 2. But we had to extend it to two due to the explosive response. Coveted seats were already sold out in just two to three days," said an official from the program agency.
[不过,百分60以上收看亚洲频道“梦幻亚洲娱乐”,一个在美国的亚洲电视广播网都不是亚洲人。在曼哈岛59th东街的电影院是一间专门播放亚洲的电影,百分70以上都不是亚洲人。还有这该感谢“文化国际组织”,他们发现了简易的传播关于亚洲流行文化,是一个非亚洲的组织。这也是为什么Rain的演唱会加场(本来只有计划2月2日,不过因为反映强烈,所以又有加唱了。 根据官方节目主办说:隐蔽的座位在2,3天都卖完了。]

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