Talking about Chinese Singer Chang Ri-in to Debut Next Month



Chinese Singer Chang Ri-in to Debut Next Month

Chinese Singer Chang Ri-in to Debut Next Month

Chinese singer Chang Ri-in, who is managed by SM Entertainment, will debut in Korea next month on MBC TV’s “Show! Music Center.”

Chang was first introduced to SM Entertainment in 2003 through the agency’s Chinese office, and since then has received vocal training at the agency.

Both parents of the Sichuan-born singer are violinists. Despite her young age, Chang has a powerful and appealing voice. For her debut song, she will sing “Timeless,” an R&B duet song featuring Shiajunsu, a member of the boy-band TVXQ. Early next month, she will also release a single album.

A person from SM Entertainment said the agency aims to nurture Chang into a pan-Asian and world-renowned star.


Okie, she is finally out~

i still think she is not as pretty as other girls in SM~ even after some help done on her faces(i think she probably got her nose, eyes and …done)

just look at her previous pictures~
flat nose, full lips , and small double-lid eyes…

After all, she is not a model…she is a singer, singer is just suppose to sing well…

That’s it..

From this to miracle…

This is original cut and scan from local news in 2004

PS i heard that she is born in year of 1989(from her classmate) and she is 16 now
(well, since last year, people said she was 17, probably her Chinese age)
SM Entertainment change their artists’ birthdays if they think it’s not quite right? i guess.. several of the SM artists have their birthday and name change.


This is what i found in her fan’s forum from

姓名 张力尹
身高 : 162cm
体重 : 42kg


Name: Chang Ri in张力尹
offical Name:张俐茵
DOB: Feb. 28th, 1989 (17)
Height: 162cm(about 5′ 3”~5′ 4”)
Weight: 42kg
HObbies: music(singing), swimming, drawing
Speciality: violin
Debut: September, appear as soloist, will have various activities and promotions through out S.Korea and China.


2nd Version of Profile from Korean website

이름 : 장리인
출생 : 1989년
출생지 : 중국 쓰촨성
직업 : 가수
소속 : SM 엔터테인먼트
데뷔 : 데뷔곡 ‘Timeless'(2006)
특이사항 : 2003년 SM 엔터테인먼트에 의해 발탁된 R&B 신예

Name: Jang LI Yin (Chang Ri in) Hanja:张力尹 (张俐茵) [张俐茵 is her offical name from now on, original spelling will not be use her album)
Birthday: 1989
Place of Birth: Szechuan, China 四川
Occupation: Singer
Label: SM Entertainment
Debut: Debut song "Timeless"(2006)
Special case: 2003 SM Entertainment selected new R&B trainee.


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