I hate being bored

I want there to be spices in my life style. I coundn’t do anything about this plain and tasteless lifestyle. Although, it brings no trouble to anyone or anything. However, 9 out of 10 times, my life style has been screw up pretty bad. I mean, I want to do something, or I could have done something long time ago. However, ’07 is here~~ What now??? Not much
人生本来就很短~~ 可是到现在还没有任何打算~最近大脑一团糟。可能是太缺乏休息~。 我会好好检讨自己的生活方式的。
如果一天可以多点的话~~ 那么我就会离我的梦想近点
如果我也能lucky一点的话~~ 是啊! 也许没有不幸就好了不是吗?
好了,废话少说,还要赶完 Chemistry Project, 这个星期五就要交了
Hope everyone had a blessing ’06….bring it on ’07
Faliz año nuevo??? (i think that’s how you say in spanish, help me out my folks who have good spanish background than I do…
새해 복 많이 받으세요!!!!!!!!!  여러분, 사랑한다… 

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