Life Can Be This Way

 Boom!! This morning, I was rushing out of door, because I overslept a bit, that’s about every morning. The wind was blowing hard in morning, and the temperature was low. Today is Wednesday, and it’s day that we usually take out our trash of the week, so that the garbage truck can pick up the litters.


Nothing fancy, our bus driver came a little late this morning, we expect that anyways, other than yesterday, which she came very early.  

Nothing Fancy…….on the way to school, the bus driver makes her usual stops and the kids are chillin’ and talkin’ normally. I was staring out the window on the corning turn on 7-Eleven. All of sudden, BOOM, ….then..Boom, boom, boom! it caught my attention. There was a car accident….it happened So rapidly in front of my eyes. Then, the kids on the bus were so excited and most of them want to stand up to see what’s going on. Of course, the bus driver told us to sit down. I couldn’t believe that I was watching the scene of accident. Kids were chattering about whose fault it was, they said it was the third car’s fault because he follow too close???  The car in the third position hit the car in front of his , then car in the front(the 2nd car, which is the one just got hit) hit another car in front of hers. The car in third position walked out, awed and completely speechless…Kids around me were also saying he have to pay double damage payments in this accident. The owner of the third position car was a young Asian boy as the kids on the bus described him as a Chinese. I don’t know his nationality, but when people make negative comments about Asian folks stereotyping any Asian as Chinese makes me feel very uncomfortable. One good thing is that no body was hurt, according to what I have observed.


At the same time, I just hope that he is fine …..

[edited on 09.19.2009 wow, i can’t believe how much grammar mistakes I made on this article, I’ll surprise if anyone understands this.]虽然这种事情每天都会发生。 不过看到当事人打开车门看到的情形,让我很容易把自己连想在其中的状况。


像这次类似的车祸随时都可以发生在每一个人身上。尤其中让我很难过, 因为作为人类的我们每一天都有太多的问题要面对。比如说我上课面对考试的压力,还是上班族面对工作的压力。除此外,还有生老病死的痛苦,战争和世界和平的问题,亲子与爱人的交通,经济和环境的逼迫 等等。。这些足以可以让一个人的神经到达了崩溃的境界。


对于这些问题~~ 我到目前都没有答案~~ 也不知道该怎样处理~~因为总是觉得无论我有多么努力,总有人比我更努力。~~~











4 thoughts on “Life Can Be This Way

  1. Hi Sumiji!! (is this
    your name? if it’s so, it’s very cute^^)

    I’m not so good in
    doing backgrounds, sorry! ;-p I’ve picked this one in MSN spaces options..I’m searching ways to
    enrich my blog with a lot of goodies!! But It’s not so easy as I’ve thought..
    😉 how old are u? I think..20? I’m not very good with ages..I’m 20 in march^^
    Now I go, see u soon! kisses

  2.  To Silvietta,
                          I\’m 18 and will be 19 this April. No!!! I wish I\’m still 16 or so….That\’s every year I wish to be younger than I am. Even back in when I was only 12, I wish to be 10.

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