Boys suck in their lifes..with exceptions

  I’m dressed up nicely…After lunch today, I was gettin’ ready to go back to my class. All of sudden…i felt someone’s arm around my shoulder, I was like….i thought that was somebody I know…and of course, wasn’t…So, I looked him oddly…I was like what the heck….I walk off, He followed up and; did it again!!..If I don’t the last class..I might buck off~~~and thus might end up in the fighting scenes…I’ve might get the 9 days…
Anyways..chicken side of me letting other people take advantages of me….It’s not going to happen next time….

Another news, Yesterday, Our history teacher want to catch our attention. So, he asked one of our classmate to act for him.In the acting, Our teacher, Mr. Lacey accused Amber P.(one of the student in our class) for cheating on the test, thus, she needed to leave and see the Admistrator. Our class is very small, only seven of us; everyone was really shocked and we was like…blah..blah..blah..what’s going on? I can’t belive…this…yandi yak…. Anyways, We truely believe that incident was real..Of course, when Amber returned…we know the deal. It was really good..


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