Old thingy, extra thingy profile of KT

 Position in Group: lead singer

first name: Chil Hyun

last name: Ahn

color: green

number: 27 (wanted to be half as good as his brother, who’s b-ball # was 54)

nickname: KangTa (means "strong hit"), Kam Sang (cuz of dark skin)

lunar b-day: 1979.10.10

real b-day: 1979.11.29

height: 178cm

weight: 65kg

bloodtype: B

shoesize: 280mm

IQ: n.a

birthplace: KyungBuk, South Korea

religion: athiest (no religion)

family: dad – mom – bro, an hee jung sis, an so young

pets: white dog

Fav. food: gye rahn g@@k (egg soup) and gahm jah tang (potato soup)

Fav. fruit: apple

Fav. flower: moo gung hwa (korean rose)

Fav. color: black

Fav. comic book: Slam Dunk

Fav. season: winter

Fav. singer: yoo youngjin, deux, babyface

Fav. cd: yoo youngjin, Soul Food

Fav. music: r&b, rock, hip-hop

Fav. songs: "Gi uhk eh sup jahk" "chun il dong an"

Fav. subject: geography, history

Fav. movie: sad movies w/ happy ending

Fav. look: "Junsah eh HooYeh"

Fav. look (for fans): "We Are The Future"

Fav. cologne: none


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