To be or not TO BE

當日想法, 那天的想法和行動都讓我自己下了一跳. 就算今天想起來都有點害怕.

做人真的很煩~ 當讓也有很多好處~~ 不多說了~~ 我還得busy

Nov. 19, 2007

Date:To be or not TO BE (student A and author of this article: I was the witness of the event)

Which happen today at Oxxxx. Smith High School (VA)

In 4th block (airbrush class).

First event, someone got caught for listening to audio device in class, thus, the teacher took it away from the student (student J) and then, the teacher called his parent(s). While all this is happening, Student A happen to be in between all of this (well, she has a question to ask the teacher, thus, she stayed at the teacher’s desk, while the teacher was talking on the phone with the parent of student J and eventually the teacher got up. walks toward the window).

Right after she got up, Student M ( which is believe to be a friend of student J) went over to the teacher’s desk (where the Mp3 sat) and picked up the mp3, went over to Student J (the owner of the mp3), they discussed, decided to keep in Student M’s pockets until class is over, and the mp3 is going back to Student A. (In author’s perspective), student body in the class think the teacher aren’t going to call the security…you know, just let the event pass…and everyone go home.

The odds were that teacher did take action after several warnings (although she doesn’t want to do that); however, neither of the two students who participated had stood up or compromised. That means, the security officers will have to search everyone (even those who know nothing about it), and it also means that everyone has to stay back for a search (basically, this is equivalent to a punishment for a crime that you did not commit and that you sharing a punishment for something that someone else had done wrong). ====

As for student A, (unfortunately was there at the site where the event had occurred, HEY! she didn’t choose to be a witness, lol…it just happened to be in front of her.). The only thing that student A had done wrong was not halting the student M from getting the mp3 player, but she realize she is not the teacher, nor she has any authority in the class… all these thoughts were going through her mind as the event moves forward.

Well, Student A told what she saw……which was hard for her (risking of losing everyone’s favorite, turn her classmates into my enemies)..It’s pretty scary just to think if any one of them getting trouble, they will blame it on her; Of course, if fact, we know that they (students) get in trouble because they’ve done something they should do.

But people are not always rationalize

~~ for instance, Student J know that he shouldn’t pull the audio device out….Student M shouldn’t help to get the audio device out of the desk for Student J…..but it happened….

he security talked to student A, she informed them of what she saw, her statement was that Student M picked up the mp3, and the owner is aware of that (which for author’s perspective, it is not stealing), but the term "stealing" was mentioned the administrator (security officer), which aggravate the student M, who justifying his position. In the mean time, Student J did had his mp3 player back (mp3 was never stolen by anyone), it is then turn in to the teacher… but he didn’t admit the fact that he know it wasn’t stolen, which is the cause that we have the security officers called.

The solution: Don’t know yet……

Author’s Analysis

Student J just wants to get his mp3 back, so, he probably ask his friend for ? or it could be Student M simply want to help him out. Student M could have been in trouble because his hand was indeed on the mp3. ~~~

Suggestion from the witness student A: Whatever the teacher decided to do initially should just proceed, calling the parents, or handing them the mp3…etc…. Student M should be warn not to do something in favorite of wrong act (conspiracy).

Of course, the rest of concerns lay on Student A, who is concern that students might retaliate / revenge for something that she stood up for~ although the administrators promised her safety~~~

There is a lot more to this story~~~~ (Let’s hope everyone is going to be okay, let’s have some forgiving and compromising)….It’s hard~~