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Sunday, March 22, 2009

03.20.2009Movie Review

03.20.2009Movie Review:
Three Gay movies, 2 already saw and anticipating one more coming….Let’s clear out, that I wrote the review on Le Clan long time ago on a piece of paper, but never got a change to put on the computer. Also, I want to clarify that I’m a female, not lesbian, totally sane. I watch those movies to gain more insight about the club that I’m in now, VOX-voice for choice and of course I don’t mind watching all the handsome actors in the movie, lol…seriously, some have interesting plots (except for Leclan). PS: I actually saw another gay film before Le Clan, I thought it was purely romantic story, it just happen to be a gay theme. It was in that movie (forgot the name) I saw this handsome French Actor, so I decided to google more of his film, which is the reason I went and rent the Le Clan (Three Dancing Slaves)

Wrote sometime ago:Le clan-French MovieTheme:not clearly understood, 3 brothers (Christopher, Marc, Olivier), Father and one friend, HichamBasically, there are 2 parts, first about the brotherhood…like this…Oldest were in jail and other 2 were in horrible coniditions…ambitious intro…So, Marc lost his dog when he was involved in some gag fighting…(he is the 2nd oldest/youngest in the family)…Since then, he has been planning to kill the men who forced him to kill his own dog. Marc asked his older brother, Christopher for help on the night when Christopher was released from prison. Chris. refused to help (maybe he doesn’t want to go back to jail)…Marc went mad when his brother refused to help him and he intoxicated himself daily. When Chris found a job at a meat packing factory (wasn’t a easy job to deal with a stingy, greedy boss)

Somehow I didn’t know how Hicham and Olivier became friends, through Marc…maybe… ….Skipping ahead, One day, So Hicham and Olivier drink together (Olivier looked so young, maybe not even legal to drink, maybe he is in France). Marc was yelling over 2 boys, he’s drunk again. His nose starts to bleed and before he knows, he had fell into the pool. Hicham jumped into the pool and told Olivier to get his older brother. When Christopher got to the pool, he was mad and scolded Marc. The two brothers then started to fight, Olivier took off when he saw his 2 older brothers fighting. Hicham followed Olivier….

So, the rest of the movie is about Hicham and Olivier. One weekend in summer, The two, Hicham and Olivier seems to be working at a beach house or something, they were picking beachballs after the kids. Then, the kids disappear off the scene, just two of them. They went into the beach house. Hicham turned around, both men were bare at that point, Hicham winked his eyes at Olivier (I was really moved, 2 gorgeous guys)…Olivier hugged Hicham and said: "Rape me, but don’t hurt me." ……The director turned the camera to their profile, (Thank God, …I prefer not to see so much of **, but just enough is fine…) PS: Male body parts were shown when 3 brothers was lying together, but not when Olivier and Hicham were together, which is …..——Second movie: Antique (Korean movie)I’ve been waiting for this movie for like 4 months, ever since I was the preview last year on Novemember’ 08. I was interested because one of my favorite actors, Ju Ji Hoon was in this movie, I like him after I watched the drama Gong (at first, I didn’t like him, I didn’t think he was that attractive at that time, I didn’t even watch Gong when it came out in 2006, I watched it 2 years after the drama came out). So, when my satellite TV replay Gong again, I started to watch from Episode one, and I became to like Ju Ji Hoon, he appears to become more handsome than I thought of him in my 1st impression. If you know me, you know that if i like something, I will google/search all about that, whether is a person or a thing. I will google until I find every bit of that person/thing. ).

Antique was made from a manga titled Antique. Since, I couldn’t wait to watch the movie, I went ahead and read all of the manga about Antique, volume one to eight. First 4 volumes are in the movie, 5-8 was not included because it’s too graphic. This movie is also classify as a gay movie.I don’t want to do any summary of it because if you read the Manga you’ll understand that Ju Ji Hoon’s role is a straight man, he has no kiss or bed scene with anyone, ++++good!!! The movie is cute to watch and suitable for minor (i guess…!!!). Not graphic like Le Clan

—-Third moive: A frozen flower…It will be out, another gay (bisexual) theme movie. The DVD is not out, the movie is currently playing in Korea, but I’m not there…so got to wait for the movie.I heard that it is very graphic b/c the sexual scenes will be presented the way that it is recorded, no cutting. I show interest in this movie by accidently fumbling across a gay website as I was searching for Antique. This movie, again, has one of my favorite actor in it…Jo In Sung….handsome guy….I knew about his new movie last year, but never was interested until now…I didn’t even see his other movie, Dirty carnival. I prefer to see him in Drama…because movie is always too erotic for me …Think about it….Drama is long, actors/actresses could be holding hands, it satisfy the viewers. But movie is only about 1-2 hr long, it has to capture audiences in a short time, so everything is up a notch….