Dumb test taking


Okay, recently…I’ve just gotten a 60 on my English Test….it’s a freaky EEEEEEEE

But, I was skeptical about the scantron, cuz I thought I know most of the answers ……It turn out that I did not do the back of the test…meaning that …i missed the whole back..

[02-10] [原创翻译]韩国歌手李貞賢即将在北京奥运中歌唱

 [02-10] [原创翻译]韩国歌手李貞賢即将在北京奥运中歌唱

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kpopmusic  2-10-07  ( 美国东岸时间 2-09-07 Time Zone:Eastern time(US&Canada)
Korean Singer Lee Jung-hyun to Sing at Beijing Olympics

Korean singing star Lee Jung-hyun will sing the official theme song for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games next year.
She was chosen to represent Korea within a group of singers that will perform the official Olympic song. The Olympic song event was hosted by the PR committee under the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 29th Olympiad. She will sing the title song written by a famous Chinese composer together with 19 other Chinese singers.
[她(李貞賢(이정현­))将代表韩国与众多歌手一起在奥运当天表演官方曲目。这奥运歌谣项目是由 北京编制小组PR委员会为第29届奥林匹克世界运动大会隆重举办的。 她(李貞賢(이정현­))将会另外19位中国籍歌手们一起表演这首由中国著名作曲家写的歌曲。]

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Come Back!!!! Sumiji888(Myself) has offically coming back on my task since 2006,  restarted again in new 2007 米子回来了~ 暌违了接近半年的新闻翻译活动~~为学校功课多~~ 希望以后大家多多包含。

Boys suck in their lifes..with exceptions

  I’m dressed up nicely…After lunch today, I was gettin’ ready to go back to my class. All of sudden…i felt someone’s arm around my shoulder, I was like….i thought that was somebody I know…and of course,..it wasn’t…So, I looked him oddly…I was like what the heck….I walk off, He followed up and; did it again!!..If I don’t the last class..I might buck off~~~and thus might end up in the fighting scenes…I’ve might get the 9 days…
Anyways..chicken side of me letting other people take advantages of me….It’s not going to happen next time….

Another news, Yesterday, Our history teacher want to catch our attention. So, he asked one of our classmate to act for him.In the acting, Our teacher, Mr. Lacey accused Amber P.(one of the student in our class) for cheating on the test, thus, she needed to leave and see the Admistrator. Our class is very small, only seven of us; everyone was really shocked and we was like…blah..blah..blah..what’s going on? I can’t belive…this…yandi yak…. Anyways, We truely believe that incident was real..Of course, when Amber returned…we know the deal. It was really good..


My Mp3

之前我买了炫哥在出第3张专辑时候代言的MP3, MPIO FL350(Blue),坏了~~~哭555555555555
The MP3 that I purchased, same model as the one that KangTa wore in his Music Video Persona; The brand name is MPIO, model FL350(Blue)…Had offically broke on Sunday….No!!!!


However, the brand is out-of-stock. I don’t think the manufacture is going to produce more model of this any longer…I’m very very sad….However, the model FL 400 is available..FL, is series of jewel looking type of MP3 available in this brand(MPIO). Of course, I’ll get a replacement as soon as possible.

Comments I’ve made about this situation else where

想必大家可能还记得上次我在[我型我秀]照片区发过关于我生活上的Collection 用品,包括Mp3等等~~
和我妈妈去  Shopping (购物),不小心在 Mall(购物中心)里面丢了一下而已~~ 可是现在都打不开了
但是机身是很新的,还没有买1年呢!! 在美国拿去修理必去买一部还要贵
而且这部  FL350 限量版已经断货了~~~~   
MPIO这个牌子有很多个 Series…FL  是代表 MP3注重于外形类似首饰品

最早期是  FL300好像,市场上还有~~  而 FL350也就是我们家小白(KangTa)代言的~~  他在他第3张专辑里面戴的那款就是 FL350(Blue)..也就是本人那款~~~


现在市场上只有出 FL400 (黑宝石) Mp3~~

不过要价不是很便宜~~  和我这部差不多~~